Hands off of my box, Pandora!

My makeup has been in disarray for quite some time. I am possibly the messiest person I’ve ever met, it doesn’t bother me too much but I am trying to be better!

Recently I have been updating my makeup collection and looking through the products I already have I realised that I don’t use many of them because they aren’t to hand.

So after a little research I decided on buying the Muji acrylic 3 drawer unit £17.99
I thought the style wasn’t really me, neither vintage nor kawaii and so I knew I had to do something to make it look better! I would say that I am not particularly “crafty” and so I wasn’t sure if I would manage to accomplish decorating the box in a manner to my satisfaction…

Up steps Washi tape. Washi tape is a bit like masking tape but it comes in so many different colours and patterns. It’s dead easy to use and it takes minutes to turn something everyday into something which reflects your style and personality.
I went for a cherry blossom design, pink flowers on a blue background. I am so pleased with the end result!

What do you think of my box?


Without flash


With flash

Wikipedia Washi tape page


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