OOTD ~ Carry On Paddling!


Hello! Thought I’d post my first Outfit Of The Day ~ except the day was late August… Heh heh heh! I’m very proactive and organised…

Here I am wearing an amazing pair of vintage style “Judy” sunglasses from Collectif; they were only £9, have a UV400 rating (really protected my eyes, I’ve since worn them in sunny Spain and they were just as good!), and were the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn! Wish I could put prescription lenses in them ^_^

The playsuit is from Jane Norman, I got this in the sale last summer. I think the belt is also Jane Norman, but I’m not 100%.

The hat and ship necklace are from Accessorize ^_^

I know this outfit isn’t the most practical for the beach but I was too cold to swim so thought I’d dress up instead!

I was lucky enough to spend a whole week camping in Woolacombe with my entire family and we had an amazing time! Made lots of lovely memories with my nephews.
Sadly the Captain wasn’t able to come, but we found 2 toys from the Thomas and Friends range which were a ship called The Captain and a train called Hank! Wahahaha! I think he appreciated those holiday gifts 😀

Edit: after publishing this post it has received a “like” from “fatspecialist”, please note that this is a spam account. Please do not visit the blogs – I do not condone body shaming and I really don’t appreciate this “like”. I have looked into it and this one seems to crop up a lot with seemingly no way of stopping it, except disabling likes, which I don’t want to do. If anyone has any idea of how I can get rid of it/report it it’d be most welcome!

Genuine likes and feedback are always welcome ^_^ be proud of your body, you are beautiful xxx


3 thoughts on “OOTD ~ Carry On Paddling!

    • Thank you ^_^
      The bag is my sister’s (she’s kindly letting me use it to keep my feet warm! ha ha!), she bought it in a shop in Ifracombe. I’ll have to ask her what brand it is x

    • I saw my sister today and she told me the bag is by Anna Smith. I googled and they’re available quite widely over here, but I don’t know if you’ll struggle to find them in Finland. They had them on Ebay and Amazon, so might be worth a look ^_^

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