My Hallowe’en effort!

This year we had a little party for my 3 nephews for Hallowe’en. My elder sister came down with her boys and we all went to my younger sister’s house, it was so much fun to have everyone together!

My youngest nephew, aged 3, (eventually) dressed up in a Dracula costume from Asda. It had a mask and was so cute!

My middle nephew, aged 9, dressed up as a Zombie Gavroche from Les Mis (he is obessed with that film!)!

My eldest nephew, aged 12, has never liked dressing up so he just wore his normal clothes :’-D

My sisters both dressed up as witches and both had neon and black stripey tights! Ha ha! My mum dressed up as a queen witch!

I bought a skeleton onesie from Primark and skeleton socks and gloves from Asda.

For my face I used a mix of Illamasqua Rich Foundation in 115 and Dainty Doll foundation in the lightest shade. For my eyes, nose and cheekbones I used Boots Natural Collection eyeshadow, which worked better than I expected! For my lips/tooth lines I used Barry M in black.




On my nails I used OPI crackle in black over the top of Sleek in meringue. Both of which I picked up at the pound shop!

We had a spooktacular time!





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