Pinterest Hair ~ Crown Braid

Today, on a whim, I decided to try a crown braid. They’re all over Pinterest and blogs and I wondered if it would work on my hair.

I’ve washed my hair today so to stop it being too baby soft I used Charles Worthington Dry Texture spray to give a bit of grip. This works well and doesn’t make my hair greasy, dull or stiff.

I started one braid from the smaller section of hair from my side parting and braided nearly all the way round. I then made a smaller braid using the remainder of my hair from the larger side of my parting (although this braid was thinner). I then braided each to the end and secured with a small elastic tie. Then to finish I tucked the ends in to the opposite sides of the braids and pinned into place.

Here are the results:





Here’s a bonus rough attempt at turning it into a side bun:
It reminds me of an octopuss ^_^

Have you tried any Pinterest Hair ideas, if so how did it turn out?


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Hair ~ Crown Braid

    • Thank you, it didn’t take that long and wasn’t too difficult – think it must have been a fluke! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do it again… ^_^ xxx

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