Cockapoo-dle doo!

We have an imminent arrival…


A Cockapoo!

We haven’t decided on a name a yet – answers on a postcard!
It’s a boy and comes home in 2 weeks and I cannot wait!!!  I’m so impulsive, 1 week after deciding I’d seriously like a dog I have one coming to live with us! That’s not to say it is a rush decision or one taken lightly.

Here he is again


He’s used to cats and other dogs, so I’m hoping introducing him to Totoro will go ok!

If anyone has any tips or experiences on introducing a puppy into a cat home I’d love to hear them!


Pop my boba!

Today’s post is a mix of before and after my hair cut and an OOTD ^_^


I’m wearing the Birdy Tea Dress by Hell Bunny which I bought from the amazing Audrey Star’s Boutique:
On my feet are my Ornament Swedish Hasbeens ^_^
I put my hair up with my Goody Modern Updo pin.

Here’s a couple of pictures of my hair using the pin. It’s a curved U-shaped pin; I twist my hair into a loose bun, insert the pin curving outwards, bring over to the other side and push in. It’s so quick and easy and I think looks really good!



The Captain and I then travelled into Soho and I had my hair cut at It’s Something Hell’s. They specialise in vintage and Rockabilly cuts and styles. I love having my hair cut here and the way Miss Bettie styles it is phenomenal. She also cuts my hair exactly suited my hair type and volume.


Being blown by the wind!


To finish I dragged The Captain into Topshop, a busy experience neither of us enjoyed, because I knew that Bubbleology had opened. I LOVE BUBBLE TEA.


I had White Peach tea with Passionfruit popping boba, it was awesome! The Captain  had Kiwi tea with Passionfruit popping boba, it was his first one and he said it was weird but enjoyed it ^_^

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

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