The Curious Incident of the Clog in the Night Time

Today I’d like to share my new obession: CLOGS

I don’t why they suddenly caught my attention, it wasn’t the first time in my life I’d ever seen clogs; but for some reason I was drawn to them. Well, drawn to 6 pairs of them. Yeah, I said 6.

The first pair I found were by Swedish Hasbeens, this was triggered by an instagram post by the amazing  designer Tara Starlet. My infatuation grew from there.

I then discovered Lotta From Stockholm; these clogs are just as beautiful, also made in Sweden but a bit cheaper than Swedish Hasbeens.

Here follow my buys:

Swedish Hasbeens Lacy, colour Pisello
These ones are the only pair that I bought full price, purely because I fell in love with then and I could only find 1 pair in size 37 on UK websites. Luckily I got a bonus at work and used that.
Sadly they are the least comfortable of my clogs, but I’m sure the leather will soften in no time.

Swedish Hasbeens Haga

These are SO comfortable and I love the look of them so much. I got them Urban Outfitters for £50 in the sale!

Swedish Hasbeens Ornament: colour natural
The colour of these is a bit odd but you’re meant to rub a bit of olive oil into the leather which darkens them and the leaflet says they will darken in time. Again, they are nice and comfy and true to size.

Swedish Hasbeens Papillion
These are a cute summer sandal, I just cannot resist red shoes…

Lotta From Stockholm Matilda
These are the highest heeled clogs (category: Super High), I have and I think they add a different dimension to my collection. They are a nice summer sandal and comfy! I got them directly from the Lotta website and they were in the sale ^_^

Swedish Hasbeens Sweetheart
I saw that SH were having a sale and so ordered these directly from them. They arrived really quickly and SH didn’t/don’t even charge for shipping!

So, overall that’s 6 pairs of clogs! Aspie special interest… I wasn’t meant to keep them all but I fell in love 💓


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