About me

My name is Hankie and I’m 30 (as at January 2013), I’m married to The Captain and we live in London with a little grey cat called Totoro {^_^}

I work in admin, which is fairly uninteresting but such is life, it pays the rent and gets me out of the house! Wahahaha!

I’m hoping to write about the things that bring me joy, for example music (my favourite band is The Divine Comedy), literature (I’m really enjoying Victoriana at the moment), kawaii & Studio Ghibli, make up and vintage & pin up style, amongst other things.

My initial inspiration for starting a blog was that is was reading a lot of blogs about make up and it annoyed me that sometimes people only show swatches of colour etc, on the back of their hands. I much prefer it when someone also shows a picture of their [eye, mouth..] with the product on. It’s just a personal niggle and I know people don’t want to splash their whole face all over the internet 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading,
Thank you for visiting,
Hankie xxx


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I agree with you: It can be annoying if people show just swatches on the back of their hand. It is very uninspiring and it shows very little of the true nature and dimension of a product. I understand if it is a rushed swatch taken while browsing a beauty department, but if you own the product…why not show its full beauty? 🙂 I look forward seeing your swatches with application 🙂 PS: I love London and I love things Kawaii 🙂

    • Exactly! I love seeing makeup on people and the different way they apply it, otherwise it just seems like an advert :-/
      I really need to post more!!! Ha ha! Got a Totoro kigurumi for my birthday so maybe I’ll do one on that {^_^} xxx

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