Ezydog Quick Fit Harness and Zero Shock Lead ~☆Review☆~

Howdy! I’d like to write a review of the harness and lead I’ve been using for Mr Blunden. I wanted something light and durable but that would provide good control and safety; my search lead me to the Ezydog Quick … Continue reading

The Amazing Mr Blunden

He’s here, he’s here!!! My beautiful cockapoo puppy is here!


Mr Blunden

He’s 7 weeks old and I’ve named him Mr Blunden! He’s named after the eponymous character in a British 70s children’s film about ghosts. You can read about it here (although I thoroughly recommend you find it to watch!).

Mr Blunden is settling in really well; he goes into his basket at night and doesn’t cry or whine (touch wood), he’s pad trained and manages to go to the toilet on the pad most of the time. Totoro was a bit wary of him and hissed a couple of times but is slowly getting braver and coming closer; I think they will get on fine together ^_^

I’m so in love with him, he cuddles and plays and is everything I wished for. I’m so lucky that The Captain agreed to having one, and that my Mum allowed us to bring him into her home ^_^

Here’s some more photos – I can’t stop taking them ^_^





Mr Blunden you have stolen my heart!

Cockapoo-dle doo!

We have an imminent arrival…


A Cockapoo!

We haven’t decided on a name a yet – answers on a postcard!
It’s a boy and comes home in 2 weeks and I cannot wait!!!  I’m so impulsive, 1 week after deciding I’d seriously like a dog I have one coming to live with us! That’s not to say it is a rush decision or one taken lightly.

Here he is again


He’s used to cats and other dogs, so I’m hoping introducing him to Totoro will go ok!

If anyone has any tips or experiences on introducing a puppy into a cat home I’d love to hear them!