Concrete proof of textured nails!

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Today I have painted my nails with Nails Inc Concrete textured nail varnish in London Wall. The colour is hard to describe, it’s almost a putty grey colour and I guess it would be on the taupe side of things!


Taken outside without flash

As you can see the texture is very rough and bumpy. I’ve worn this a few times and it always gets mixed reactions, but is intriguing and gets attention! It does feel rough and you have to be careful if you have an itch! I’ve not worn it at the same time as wearing tights; I do think it has the potential to snag.


I have found that this nail varnish wears really well. I don’t use a top coat as this would stop it being matte and even out the texture. As a base coat I used 2 coats of Dr LeWinn’s RenuNail in sensitive. I’ve got to write a post on Dr LeWinn’s RenuNail treatment system and the sensitive maintenance varnish as I have been amazed with the results!!!
Nails Inc Concrete doesn’t chip on me and lasts about a week with minimal tip wear, which I spot touch up.


Sneakily getting my beautiful wedding rings in the picture there 😉
I used to shy away from using grey tones when I had long nails, but for some reason this autumn I’ve changed my mind.

Do you think grey and darker colours suit short nails better?