Cockapoo-dle doo!

We have an imminent arrival…


A Cockapoo!

We haven’t decided on a name a yet – answers on a postcard!
It’s a boy and comes home in 2 weeks and I cannot wait!!!  I’m so impulsive, 1 week after deciding I’d seriously like a dog I have one coming to live with us! That’s not to say it is a rush decision or one taken lightly.

Here he is again


He’s used to cats and other dogs, so I’m hoping introducing him to Totoro will go ok!

If anyone has any tips or experiences on introducing a puppy into a cat home I’d love to hear them!


Brave New World!


This is my first ever attempt at blogging and if I’m honest, it’s a little intimidating! My blog will cover my favourite things, including music, pinup style and makeup, amongst other treasures and I hope you enjoy it {^_^}

I’m 30 and live in London with The Captain and a little grey cat called Totoro.


The little grey cat

I work in admin and it is fairly mundane, although there is the chance of a new job on the horizon…

I’m currently writing on my new Kindle Fire HD, which was my Christmas present from The Captain. I am thrilled with it, I love being able to Skype with my sister and baby nephew, easily read blogs, reviews and watch Youtube.
3 Christmases ago The Captain bought me my first Kindle (3G, with WiFi & keyboard), and I prefer to read using that device. My Kindles are so precious to me & I feel lucky to have them. I’m currently really enjoying historical fiction, such as Essie Fox’s The Somnambulist. I’ll write a post on that book soon ^_^

Another book I’ve loved recently was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It’s not the kind of book I would normally go for (I’m not mad on magic), but I saw a lady reading it on the tube and loved the cover so much that I downloaded it instantly! In this case you can judge a book by its cover!

Things I’d like to cover in future posts:
Makeup: Illamasqua, Pixi, Benefit, Washi tape decorated makeup box
Literature: The Somnambulist, The Night Circus, Faye L Booth, Michael Cox, John Harwood
Music: The Divine Comedy – Neil Hannon’s 42nd birthday, Public Service Broadcasting – The War Room EP

I hope I haven’t waffled too much and I hope I’ve given you an idea of what to expect from my little corner of the internet.
1st blog post over and out.
Love Hankie {^_^} xxx